Friday, June 23, 2017
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Using a clean dry cloth; clean and prepare the vinyl you will be repairing with VLC (Vinyl Leather Cleaner) followed by S1OO (Silicone Wash) and then VPP (Fitzgerald's Vinyl Plastic Prep). Before proceeding with the repair be sure the area is thoroughly dry.

If there is a hole through the vinyl, cut a piece of Mini-Mesh, approximately 1/2" larger in diameter than the damaged area. Put a wet film of Vinylhyde over the damaged area Place the Mini-mesh, centered on top of the damage. The film of Vinylhyde compound will hold the mesh in place.

Now coat the Minimesh with another smooth layer of compound. Heat the entire repair area with a heat gun or Ultra Torch until it starts to smoke and turn clear, curing the compound. Now concentrate the heat onto one small area until it again smokes. Immediately and quickly remove the heat, simultaneously placing your graining pad on the hot area and apply even pressure for about 5 seconds, embedding the minimesh into the hot vinyl. Please be careful!

Repeat the heat and graining process, one spot at a time, until the entire area has been covered. If the compound has not been properly and completely cured, in time, your repair will fail. When the entire compound has turned clear and has smoked, it has cured properly.

Repeat the process of applying a smooth layer of repair compound on the damaged area. Cure the additional compound with heat and regrain the area until the repair area is smooth and even and a nice grain pattern has been embedded to look the same as the adjacent, undamaged area.

Next spray a dry coat of Fitzgerald's' Barrier Coat onto the entire repair area. Fitzgerald's Barrier Coat is specially formulated to add strength to the repair and help hide minor imperfections in the new grain pattern. Allow 1 minute for the barrier coat to dry.

Now spray a dry mist coat of Fitzgerald's Color Coat onto the repair area. Inspect your repair closely. If you find flaws that you would like to correct, now is the time. Note: yellowing will occur on light colored vinyl. This is natural due to the heat fusing of the compound and vinyl. The yellowing will be covered with the color coat. Repeat the repair, heat and grain until you are satisfied with the appearance. Spray 2 wet coats of color coat allowing 5 to 10 minutes drying time between coats. The color coat should be dry within 15 minutes, and completely cured within 24 hours.